Automatic Speech Translation Based on the Semantic Structure

Label 96mue1
Title Automatic Speech Translation Based on the Semantic Structure
Authors Johannes Müller, Holger Stahl, Manfred Lang
Type Scientific Conference Paper
Abstract This paper describes a system for the semantic-based translation of spoken or written limited-domain utterances. The semantic structure as output of a semantic decoder serves as the interlingua-level. A word chain generator combined with a linguistic post-processor produces the according word chain in the target language. Both the semantic decoder and the word chain generator work with pure stochastic and trainable knowledge bases. The grammatical features of certain words can be easily extracted by the help of both the word chain and the semantic structure.
Keywords: automatic speech translation, speech understanding, semantic decoding, language production, semantic structure, semantic model, syntactic model, inflectional model
Reference Proceedings ICSLP 96 (Philadelphia, USA, 1996), pp. 658-661
Published October 1996
Language English
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