Stochastic Modelling of Syntax and Semantics

Label 95mue2
Title Stochastic Modelling of Syntax and Semantics
Authors Johannes Müller, Holger Stahl
Type Scientific Conference Paper
Abstract Within a 'top-down' approach for speech understanding (i.e. for converting a spoken utterance into its semantic representation), the semantic model generates semantic structures, which are semantic representations close to the word level. Corresponding to such a semantic structure, the syntactic model generates according word chains. These models can be integrated for language production or automatic translation within a restricted domain.
Keywords: speech understanding, language production, automatic translation, semantic model, syntactic model, spoken human-machine-dialogue
Reference Proceedings KI-95 Activities: Workshops, Posters, Demos, (Bielefeld, Germany, 1995), pp. 229-230
Published September 1995
Language English
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