Global Exchange of Knowledge and Best-Practices in Siemens Building Technologi...

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Title Global Exchange of Knowledge and Best-Practices in Siemens Building Technologies with 'References@SBT'
Authors Johannes Müller
Type Scientific Conference Paper
Abstract This case study presents References@SBT, a web-based application for sharing knowledge, experiences and best-practices globally within Siemens Building Technologies. The application architecture, the content structure and actions on how to improve and increase the content are described. The user community with currently about 3,000 members is highlighted as the critical success factor. As a social networking tool, References@SBT intends to connect people by supporting the communication with each other. The result of a user survey shows the benefits of deploying and using this application from a qualitative and quantitative perspective: It is helpful for 84.6% of the users and implicates an average time saving of 0.6 working days per user.
Reference In "Knowledge Management - Innovation, Technology and Cultures", Proceedings ICKM 2007 - International Conference on Knowledge Management (Vienna, Austria, August 2007), World Scientific, ISBN 978-981-277-058-5, pp. 55-64
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Published August 2007
Language English
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